Sorry to be a pain here. Been playing since 2006 and have never had such a poor customer service response.

Today Ghallanda crashed just after I had crafted my first pair of epic gloves of the claw (I'd been away since Menace came out and was just starting to de-gimp my monk). When G-land came back up my newly made Claw Gloves were gone, not something I would normally worry about as I had assumed the server was just rolled back a few minutes before I crafted them. But when I checked my inventory, the seal and shard where there but no scroll. (I had transferred the seal and shard in the account bank, but had later mailed the scroll from my other character). I checked the other character and the scroll was not on him either.

I looked in the mailbox and noted that the empty letter was there for the scroll, but still no scroll.

Still not worried about it, I thought I'd just put an in-game help request in.

This is the part where things became problematic.

The GM didn't even send me a tell or respond to me. I simply got the ticked auto-closed with a canned response that "We apologize for any inconvenience a recent server crash may have caused you. Unfortunately the In-Game Support team is unable to grant, replace or restore any in-game content or quest progression that may have been affected by the server issue."

Is this really the kind of support that happens when the server crashes? Why was it that things didn't roll back fully? Is there some sort of discrepancy between the mail system and the rest of the system?

It may indeed be that I am simply out of luck and have to spend another unknown amount of time farming red fens for another scroll. But getting a canned response to a situation where there was a great deal of lost time and effort seems fairly lazy.

Any info or feedback would be much appreciated,