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    Default Sithali, King of Burst DPS (12Mnk/6Rgr/2Ftr)

    Only recently did I discover the potential of AAs. Very often AAs will be put down and criticized but what I'm giving you is the highest burst DPS build in the game.
    Nothing comes close to what FotW Epic moment + Adrenaline Manyshot can do.

    I love this build. Monk movement speed, sprint boost, defenses. I have played this build (no OC version) at cap and it was a blast. I'm going through a couple of extra lives to perfect this build.
    I love complex builds, I love to be self sufficient and solo stuff and most importantly I love to put barbarians to shame.
    Forgive me for my lack of creativity for the build's name. I didn't have much time to think of one as I got a couple of requests after posting my original build's video (no OC ) that you can find on my youtube channel. I will be uploading videos of this build once I finish TRing.


    A lot information found on the forums is wrong.
    #1: Arcane Archers lack in terms of DPS - False: Well built and well played AAs can rival in terms of DPS with any other melee build.
    #2: Arcane Archers need to specialize for TWF - False: You do not need to put down the bow when Manyshot and 10kstar is on timer, even for ki generation thanks to Enlightment.
    #3: Arcane Archers cannot handle the aggro they generate - False: When you are in a group, you can stop kiting and stand your ground. With your very solid package of defenses, this build can tank anything but Epic Elite LOB.

    #1: DPS
    #2: DEFENSES Endgame isn't about DPS only anymore. PRR, AC, incorporeality, concealment, dodge, evasion, saves.
    #3: SELF SUFFICIENCY 40 UMD for Scroll healing. This is very important on an AA as the use of silver flame potions will make 10kstars irrelevant.
    #4: UTILITY Scroll healing/Off-tank/kiter

    Playing an Arcane Archer is far more difficult than playing a melee. It isn't just sit back and shoot.
    In every fight, you need to take into account many parameters:
    • Range: you need to be close to gain 1W from Point Blank Shot
    • Position: you will double, triple or more your DPS if you position yourself correctly to make use of Improved Precise Shot (Caves with many mobs such as Von1)
    • Situation: Precise shot is now a lot more user-friendly and allows you to gain up to 30% damage when shooting at a single mob (Boss fights for example)
    • Timing: Manyshot and 10k stars are very short abilities but they are also very powerful. Using them at the right times is key. This is the combination I usually follow: 10kstars->EpicMoment+Manyshot->10kstars.
    • Others: You need to respect the players you are playing with. Kiting a mob all around while all the melees yell at you because they can't hit is not a good way to play an AA. You have 2 options: take a beating (with the defenses you have with the Sithali, this will not be a problem) or play smart and handle your aggro.
    • Camera angle: Just like casters who cannot cast a spell because they are not facing the mob, you will need to anticipate enemies movements. With some time and practice, you will dramatically improve your gameplay, to the point where you can dodge an enemy's searing lights.

    In every fight, you will need to analyse the situation and decide how to deal with it - especially if you solo a lot.
    But remember, because it is complex and difficult, it is also very fun and doesn't get boring.

    Unlike melees, the gap in terms of DPS between a well-played AA and the same AA that doesn't take into accounts all of those parameters is tremendous.

    Finally, this build benefits a lot from past lives (Ranger, Monk) and 36 pt is pretty much a requirement.
    As a matter of fact, you will get +6 damage from 3xRanger Lives, +3 from 3xMonk and +1 from Completionist for a total of +10 damage from past lives.

    I give you the Sithali!



    STATS (36) All sustainable
    Str - 17+2(lvl)+4(tome)+2(compl)+2(yugo)+2(ship)+8(item) +2(insight)+4(alchem)+5(primal)+1(fighter enh.)+2(madstone)+2(destiny)+2(ram's)+1(exc)= 56
    Dex - 15+4(tome)+2(compl)+2(ship)+2(yugo)+7(item)+3(insi ght)+4(alchem)+1(exc)-2(stance)=38
    Con - 13+4(tome)+2(compl)+2(ship)+2(yugo)+(7item)+2(insi ght)+4(alchem)+1(human enh)+5(primal)+1(exc)+3(stance)+4(madstone)= 50
    Int - 8+4(tome)+2(Compl)+2(ship)=16
    Wis - 16+4(lvl)+4(tome)+2(compl)+2(yugo)+2(ship)+8(item) +3(Insight)+1(human enh)+3(monk enh.)+1(exc)+2(destiny)= 48
    Cha - 8+4(tome)+2(compl)+2(ship)+2(yugo)+7(item)+2(insig ht)+1(exc) = 28

    Note: +4 str/dex tomes are not required but it would be very difficult to reach the 19 dex required for Improved Precise Shot and the 23 str required for Overwhelming Critical and still have a very powerful 10kstars.

    Normal (7) : Point Blank Shot, Completionist (or Toughness), Cleave, Great Cleave, Past Life: Arcane Prodigy, Weapon Focus: Ranged, Precision
    Monk (3) : Power Attack, Zen Archery (8), Dodge
    Fighter (2) : Improved Precise Shot, Improved Critical: Ranged
    Ranger (2) : FE: Evil Outsider, FE: Construct
    Epic (2) : Overwhelming Critical, Paladin Past Life (or Combat Archery when it works)
    Leveling order: Depends on your playstyle, I'd pick up 2 monk early for evasion, 1 fighter for haste boost and the 6 ranger levels for TWF feats and use handwraps till 14 (Unwavering Ardency)

    3. Critical Damage/Otto's Whistler (Tier 3 LD/Tier 3 Shiradi)
    2. Pin (Tier 2 Shiradi)
    1. Rejuvenation Cocoon (Tier 1 Primal Avatar)

    Fury of the Wild
    1. Primal Scream (3), Fast Healing (3)
    2. Acute Instincts (3), Str (2)
    3. Str (2)
    4. Sense Weakness (3), Gird Against Demons (2)
    5. Fury eternal (2)
    6. Unbridled Fury (2)

    • HALF ELF Rogue Dillie (6), AA (4), Conjure +5 Arrows (4), Slayer Arrows (5), Human versatility IV (10), Wis (2), Con (4), Trap Sense I (1)
    • RANGER Ranger Sprint boost I (1), Favored Damage II (3)
    • MONK Dark Monk II (6), Static Charge (2), Improved Jump II (2), Improved Tumble II (2), Earth Stance II (5), Patient Tortoise II (3), Wind Stance I (2), 10k Stars (1), Wisdom III (10), Improved Recovery I (2)
    • FIGHTER Str I (2), Haste Boost I (1)

    Max UMD (***)
    Concentration (**)
    Balance (**)
    Spot (*)
    Put 1 point in Tumble at start

    F-16+4(GH)+6(res)+1(alch)+1(ship)+2(luck)+20(stat= 50
    R-13+4(GH)+6(res)+1(alch)+1(ship)+2(luck)+15(stat)+1 (haste) =42 + Improved Evasion (Traps: 42+1(enh)+3(destiny)=46)
    W-10+4(GH)+6(res)+1(alch)+1(ship)+2(luck)+19(stat) = 43
    *Quick note concerning the saves: It comes out as one of the major build downsides, but it really doesn't bother me in EE content. The dangerous enemies (casters) for an AA are dealt with first and therefore cause no issues.
    With minor changes though, you can get to mid 50's (Ex: +4 insight on bracers, +4 pally dilly & +6 reflex twisted means 58/55/49).

    20 base
    +10 Favor
    +50 Epic levels
    +164 class
    +400 con
    +35 GFL
    +30 barb pl
    +100 FotW levels
    +10 tortoise
    +45 shroud
    +20 yugo
    =884 HP sustainable (around 950 if you don't have Completionist and picked up Toughness).

    Enough when you have good saves and improved evasion.


    Ah, the gear... spent hours debating what was best and this is what I have.. although this will change in a few weeks when Epic GH is released.. Already have a few ideas

    Helm: Epic Helm of Frost w/ Greater False Life
    Goggles: Drow Smoke Goggles
    Necklace: Gilvaenor's Necklace
    Armor: Red scale robe w/ +1cha & +2 goodluck
    Trinket: Planar focus of Prowess (str +8)
    Cloak: Epic Envenomed cloak w/ Toughness
    Belt: +45 hp belt
    Ring1: Gilvaenor's Ring w/ +2 Insight. Str
    Ring2: Seal of House Avithoul w/ +2 Insight. Wis
    Boots: Epic Boots of corrosion w/ +1 con & +6 wis/ Madstone Boots
    Gloves: Epic gloves of the claw
    Bracers: Epic bracers of the claw

    Weapon: Pinion, Cloud Piercer

    New gear layout for U17

    Helm: Helm of the Blue Dragon (Draconic Mind, Wis +3, Green slot: +14PRR , Yellow slot: +2 con)
    Goggles: Intricate Field Optics (Spot +20, True Seeing, +8 wisdom, Yellow Slot:+2 insight cha, Green slot: +7 resistance)
    Necklace: Gilvaenor's Necklace / Epic Adehrent's Pendant as a quick swap for +2 boosts & +54 spell power for cocoon (Constitution +6, Attack Bonus +2, Arcane Archer set)
    Armor: Red scale robe/Black Dragonscale Robe (Colorless slot: Globe of imperial blood (+1 exc. all stats), Blue slot: Toughness)
    Trinket: Planar focus of Prowess (Str +8)
    Cloak: Mithril Cloak of the Wolf (Lose 1 seeker but the +3% dodge will stack with the +4% dodge from ring for a total of +7% dodge! ( Exceptional Seeker +4, Dodge 3%, Attack Bonus +3, Diversion 20%)
    Belt: Epic Spare Hand (This is the GS cha item but it has 2 slots (Doublestrike 3%, Use Magical Device +3, Riposte, Exceptional Combat Mastery +5, Staggering Blow, Disable Device +15, Open Lock +15,Blue slot: +35 HP, Colorless Slot: +7 cha)
    Ring1: Gilvaenor's Ring (Dexterity +6, Exceptional Dexterity +1, Arcane Archer set, Slotted: +20% Healing Amp)
    Ring2: Dun Robar Ring (+7 con, +4% dodge, +10 Tendon Slice (fixed with ranged))
    Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow / Madstone Boots (Striding +30%, Ghostly, Dexterity +8, Insightful Dexterity +3)
    Gloves: Backstabber's Gloves (Bluff +20, Sneak Attack +5, Exceptional Sneak Attack +3, Improved Deception, Yellow slot: +2 str)
    Bracers:+45 HP minII bracers
    Quiver: Quiver of Poison (Venomed Ammunition - 1d10)

    Weapon: Pinion, Cloud-Piercer (Red slot: +1d10 Ice damage)


    w/ Pinion

    (14-49=~32) - 2.50+1PBS=3.50 [2d6] + 7 Pierce, Magic w/ 19-20 / x3

    +3 passive monk PL
    +6 passive ranged PL
    +2 good hope slotted
    +25 strength
    +2 ram's might
    +4 prowess
    +2 ship
    +3 divine favor
    +8 enh. bonus
    +5 FotW
    =~92 on first number // ~525 base damage on a crit (1 arrow out of 4 being a crit), ~2625 base damage on an adrenaline crit (you always crit on an adrenaline).. varies from 2175 to 3050 when not boosting). Don't forget there's an 80% (50% from Stunned mob from Pin and an additional 30% from FotW destiny) for huge crits.

    I have not done crit calcs for the following calculations as it's pretty difficult to take the non-base dmge into account.

    +25 slayer
    +3d6=9.5 SA
    +3d6=9.5 Wailing
    +1d8=4.5 epic red dragonscale
    +1 force dmge ritual
    +13 static SA
    +5.5 ice slotted
    +5.5 poison
    =~166 base per arrow

    When using Precise Shot & boosting:
    +3 titan
    +25% HV IV

    = 274 * 75% + ( 274 + 16 ) * 10% * 3 + (274 + 16) * 10% * 5
    = 206 + 87 + 145
    = 438 average damage per arrow

    The Sithali Vs Dummy:

    I've actually hit 5500 crits in raids with bard buffs and stunned mobs (Keep in mind Pin is +3W)

    Parameters not taking into account:
    • Attack speed (22% Alactrity + 10% Competence from AA set + 25% from Haste boost)
    • -25% constant Fortification bypass with Precision (stacks with Precise shot and Improved Precise shot stances)
    • Manyshot, 10kstar
    • Non self buffs (bard buffs, artificers deadly's weapons)

    HP # 900
    Saves # 50/42/43 w/ Improved Evasion
    PRR # 57
    AC # ~80
    Dodge # 18-20%
    Incorporeality # 25% dark monk
    Concealment # 50% displacement - GS displace clickies/scrolls (also have cloudkill clickies)
    Ranged damage # 161 dmge per arrow (base), 221 dmg per arrow (boosted)


    If you want to know how I did all my lives (i.e. what quests and how many times per level), check out the 2nd post of the Sith Project thread (link below).
    If you want to see how I leveled this build, check out my Youtube Channel (I did 1 video per level w/ commentaries).


    I had some requests and questions concerning my last build so I decided to write down a better version of it.
    It took me a while to do it so I hope you guys enjoy it.

    Waiting to hear your thoughts on the Sithali,

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