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    Default Tinfoil Hat Theory on Ghallanda Crashes...

    Suppose you wanted to merge servers, but didnt want the bad press associated with picking the one that had to go...

    Maybe you could stage regular crashes on one server...

    ...leading to massive frustration by that server's player base and a slow migration to other servers...

    Said server population drops to the point where Turbine can merge whats left, citing dropping population on that server without arousing public ire...

    ...not saying it's true, but what else do I have to do but come up with wacky conspiracy theories while the server is down...

    ...unless I wanted to try out another server!

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    Thread 10... and counting.

    Nah not migrating to other servers migrating to other games. migrating to other server costs money, migrating full time to other games costs nothing if you already own the game or the game is F2P. *glances towards SWTOR*
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    Dunno, but maybe someone just tripped over the power chord?

    Like demonstrated at the end of this short video here -->
    Wanderer (Lyrandar -> Keeper -> Ghallanda)

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    I've been telling them for years they need to change from hamsters to gerbils...
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