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    Default Store Rune Arms?

    Anyone know the stats and shot type for each?

    Like many, I have some specific preferences on the kinds of targeting I find useful for my play style and some of the rune arms are essentially only a damage adder for the bow, it's never going to hit the target when I'm at the keyboard.

    Are the store arms ... blasts? cones? shots? exploding shots?

    Anyone know?
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    DDOWiki has this one only afaik:
    With Force shot as Lucid Dreams and Archaic Device

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    -The Lightning rune arm is the bad short-range blast thing (like Arcing Sky and Chimera's Breath) not Disciplinator ball or Toven's multiple AoE balls.
    -Cold is cold rays per Devourer's Hunger.
    -Light is light spirals per Tira's Splendour.
    -Acid is Acid Balls per Pea Shooter.
    -Fire I'm not sure of. It could be Exploding Shot like Khyber's Fury or it could be diablo 2 inferno style like Trial By Fire. I can't make an intelligent guess either way.

    'Greater' rune arms are still only tier 4. I can't remember what the normal ones are. Maybe tier 2?
    They all have standard damage for their tier and damage type anyway.

    I concluded they're not worth while after the lightning rune arm revelation, but some people like Chimera's Breath's blast type so it's subjective I guess.
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    The blast is good for close combat, when you cant be certain if the one you have targeted runs off behind you

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    Go to the crafting device (where you make traps and convert handwraps to collars) in House Cannith or in the Harbor. Because you can "decon" rune arms you crafted on now and it uses the same craft interface as in many other devices, it will show you the end product of the craft... this case, the un-crafted rune arm.

    So, if you look them up in the craft device it shows (or at least it did a while ago) most of the rune arms in the game...

    ...including the in-game stats for the ones from the DDO store!

    Good luck, eh?

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