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    Default The Govno Governor - mach 2 - High DPS Bard

    Govno Governor - version 2

    Definition: Govno

    1. sh*t, natural result of eating something
    2. really bad situation
    3. very bad rude unkind and sh*tty man-real a-hole
    4. something strange, unknown

    Govno was originally an old remaining of an half orc with very little self heal and good DPS. Evolution had it's place and things that was before unheard of for bards became available such as AOE DPS through cleave and tactical feats. Being able to quickly heal your wounds and sustain yourself while in the fray, ever so important...

    I see posts daily that reminds me of the good 'ol days when scroll healing and a proper heal bot was glued to your hiney, but I wanted more and the Bard class has more to offer without sacrificing the precious DPS and doing it TWF to boot!

    • High DPS, 90-120/hit 400-1050+ crits outside of MB mode, SA and effects excluded)
    • High Heal Amp;
    • Relative Instant self heal aka "the govno button" using CSW and Rejuvenation.
    • CC using the govno song for those govno moments.
    • AOE using cleaves. Which has the same reach as for THF.
    • Stunning blow DC of 57-62. part of playing bard, in general, is still the convenience of self buffs; haste, heals, displace and the fact that your increasing the general DPS of your group while doing it in a semi-passive manner.

    Enough of this govno and lets move onto the build!

    The Build
    Human - Extra feat, Heal amp, Human Vers

    Past Lifes
    1 Pal - Active feat DF +3/+3 synergises well with Extend and 5% heal amp is nice.
    3 Fig - To hit is still not as irrelevant as you would like to think think browsing the forums and it also gives +3 to your SB.
    3 Mnk - +3 passive dmg. Yummy!

    Would be nice.
    2 more pal (10% AMP),
    barb pl's (10-30 hp).

    Str 18 - all level ups.
    Dex 14 +3 dex to qualify for TWF-line
    Con 16
    Int 8
    Wis 8
    Cha 12 - high enough to not need an Cha item to cast lvl4 spells w/o ship buffs.

    HP: 600-800
    Saves: 40ish Enough for Govno (bards have a real hard time building great saves)
    SP: Enough for Govno
    Heal Amp: 2,16 (1.05*1.2*1.2*1.3*1.1)

    Mornh -- 4.5d10 + 74 (av. 99)
    Weap. base ------------8
    Str~60---------------- 25
    Tod + Planar + Claw -- 12
    Song ------------------8
    PL mnk ---------------3
    Ship -------------------2
    PA ------------------- 5
    Fighter(WS+Kens) --- 3
    Devast/ED ----------- 5

    Seeker: 23 (10 + 6 +2 +5)

    Feats (14)
    Imp Crit
    PL: pal
    Emp Healing (twisting in primal tier 1.)
    Gr cleave
    Stunning Blow - DC: 60ish (10 + 24-27 STR + 10 weap + 5 exceptional + 3 PL +2 Fig/enhance +6 Destiny)
    OW. Crit

    Balance, UMD, Perform, Jump

    Plenty of options these days.

    Goggles: tharnes w ritual +1saves
    Helm: Mintu +45 HP (conc)
    Necklace: Shintao
    Trinket: Planar +3str / bloodstone / Blasting Chime (for those none Mornh hammer moments)
    Cloak: Cloak of the Wolf +5 seeker, 4% dodge
    Belt: con+6, GFL, Frenzied / Ravager
    Ring1: Ravager/Encrusted, +6str, 20% heal amp
    Ring2: Shin-tao, +1 exeptional str, Devotion
    Gloves: CLAW (30% heal amp)
    Boots: Ghostly Threads, +9 -11 Dex
    Bracers: CLAW (Heavy fort)
    Armour: Terrorweb Chitin Breastplate (8 str +6 resists, Toughness, +5 res to all el.)

    Weapon: Mornh hammer x2 for EH, Mornh + drow hammer for EE.
    various DR breakers/Smiting etc. I used to wield peshes and have tons stored in my bank, but swapping to Mornhs really made this build!

    Epic Destiny: LD
    My personal set up doesn't include lay waste, the cool down messed with my flow (see game play) but in theory it would enhance the build.

    +3 str
    momentum swing 1
    Devastating blows
    Extra Crit
    Extra Action boosts
    Tactics +6

    None from tier 4.

    Sense weakness
    Primal Scream

    Game play
    I have 8 buttons with good mapping.
    Keyboard 1. Stun 2. gr cleave 3. cleave 4. momentum swing. E = select R = Use
    Mouse: 1. all action boosts macro (HV, haste and dmg reduction) 2. Tenser Scroll 3. Main weapon set 4. CSW

    The Future
    Despite being the most overlooked class in the game, along with paladin, I see a bright future for things to come. If we get one more ED line we will have enough destiny points to go 4/3/1 opening up Reign as a twist (which is awesome!) and it is very hard for other classes with LD destiny to pick up that twist if possinle at all...

    Govno is thinking about dropping 2 bard levels fand pick up rogue for evasion and some personal dmg.

    disclaimer: did this in notes at work.
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