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    Default Lost in the swamp - 4th chest?

    I can't seem to locate the 4th chest, the 2nd of two end chests. I grab the chest near the exit but I can't seem to find the one near the end boss.

    I assume it's on one of the pillars but can't find a way up to them.

    Would someone drop me a hint either here or in a PM how to get to that 4th chest?


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    There is a part of the wall, near the end boss, where you can jump up higher. Can be hard to see, but it is there and takes a few jumps to finally reach it.

    Once as high as you can get, just takes an abundant step, or something similar, and you can reach that pillar.

    Understand there is another way to go, from opposite side of the room but I have not yet learned that.

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