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    Default Updating my monk gears for u17

    Outline is rough as a good number of the u17 items have not been posted yet, notably the EH and EE versions of

    Head #1____Black dragon Helm w/ +35 hp and +2 wis
    Head #2____White helm slotted slotted same
    Trink_______+3 insight str planar focus
    Cloak_______Adamantine cloak of the Bear
    Belt________Arkat Slotted w/ GFL & +1 all exc
    R.Ring______Henshin w/holy B
    L.Ring______Stalker slotted w/ deathblock & +7 wis
    Glove #1___E.claw
    Glove #2___PDK
    Boots______Madstone/GS trip air haste clickie/Cha skills
    Bracer #1___E.claw
    bracer #2__20% heal amp/ sup parrying w/ med guild slot 15 HP
    Armor #1___Black dragon slotted w/ 14 PRR
    Armor #2___White dragon slotted w/ same
    Goggles #1_Tharnes
    Goggles #2_GS. HP Smoke
    Main wraps: Upgraded Antipode

    Unsure what EE version of the arkat belt will bring. gear choice #1s for all around tactical capability and DPS. Gear #2s are for tanking or where increased durability is needed. I wonder if the 12 PRR from cloak of bear stacks with the 14 PRR from aug slot..or the 15 PRR from antipode set bonus? If they are additive thats 41 PRR from gear.

    Total defensive gear set bonuses
    Shared between both set options
    Heavy fort
    +10 armor
    7 Protection
    6/3/1 Dex
    6/2/1 Con
    7/2/1 Wis
    +35 HP aug slot
    +30 HP GFL
    +20 HP Toughness
    12/14/15 PRRs
    7 resistances
    30% heal amp

    Gearset #1 Exclusive defensives:
    Superior Acid resist

    Gearset #2 Exclusive defensives:
    Superior Cold resist
    +15 HP guild aug slot
    +45 GS HP
    +50 HP white drag set bonus
    20% heal amp
    +6 shield AC
    +4 insight AC and saves

    Total offensive and tactical gearset bonuses:
    +1 Ki generation per hit
    +1d6 fire damage
    +6 seeker
    +7/+3/+1 Str
    +7/+2/+1 Wis
    +6 combat tactics
    +10 stunning
    +2 tohit/dam Set bonus
    +4 tohit/dam set bonus
    +8 tohit/dam weap enhancement
    +1.5(maybe 2?) W multiplier from antipode
    +0.5 W multiplier from belt
    holy burst
    +3 Exceptional SA
    %6 doublestrike

    Gearset #1 Offensive Exclusives:
    +4 damage set bonus
    +5/8 sneak attack
    15% armor piercing
    3% artifact doublestrike
    Relentless Fury

    Gearset #2 Offensive Exclusives:
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