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    Default Arcane archer and other ranger prestige stack?

    considering arcane archer as an elf racial prestige is it possible to take elf AA (on lvl 8) with other ranger prestige (deepwood sniper for exemple)?

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    Currently: No. Choosing either Elven Arcqane Archer I or Ranger Arcane Archer I will lock you out of Ranger Tempest I and Ranger Deepwood Sniper I. You cannot choose another Ranger PrE if you have any version Arcane Archer.

    In the future, after the enhancement pass? Who knows!

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    Supposedly in the enhancement pass racial PrEs will have a separate tree from class PrE and you can take both. But since we don't really know how the tree structure will work out (I personally suspect a lot of min-max toons will be ticked) we can only answer that no, at the moment you can't take both. You can however take arcane archer and say kensei chain.

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