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    Question Can this be done?

    Ive seen a constant effect detect secret doors item before, so my question is can you craft a constant or even a limited charge open locks item?

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    other than "bells of opening" and "wands of knock", nope.

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    Nothing that can be crafted.

    When Cove comes back, you'll be able to get huge piles of L10 Knock wands for characters with enough UMD to operate them.
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    My FvS toon always picks rogue hireling to tag along... that is as close as I can get...

    It is nice, because I a melee FvS and can usually take I get some nice sneak attack damage from the hireling as well.

    Me healing my rogue hireling and using their skills during a quest, I feel is even nicer than the usual healbot arrangement for is nice to be able to unlock all doors and open all chests... within reason... for a very small plat investment. Far better than buying bells.
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