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    Default About dodge AC and tanking

    Hi there!

    I came back to the game a couple of weeks ago and I still have not figure the new AC system.
    I've stopped at lvl 9 (3rd TR) and was building an AC character. Talking to ppl in game, I started to realize that AC is really overrated with new expansion.

    So I got lost. I have no idea what do to with my toon but to TR him again when I hit 20. But I would like to create a tankish kinda guy. So is there any accepted values for dodge, AC and that physical resistances that ppl agree is good, so I can start planning my new life?


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    AC effectiveness is on a sqrt curve now. You're pretty much always going to hit and always going to get hit. Yes, it has a "defense chance at level" rating, but it's false. It's defense chance against mobs at level, and most players are going to be fighting mobs roughly twice their level, so even great AC becomes nearly worthless quickly. My L25 Wiz with 20 total STR (+3 tome, +9 PDK) and a +5 caster staff could hit anything I wanted to in any destiny I wanted.

    Dodge is nice to have, but it caps at 25% for any toon and nearly impossible to get if you're not Barb or Rogue. Focus on getting the highest HP score you can, and wear heavy armor.

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    oh such a negative outlook. and you forgot to mention PRR at all.

    AC - AC means, oddly enough, both less and more than it did before. on the one hand, it actually means something now even if you don't have OMGWT*BBQ MAX AC!!!!!!! if you only have 40, 50, or 60, it still means something. conversely, there is no 'magic number' at the end of the scale that means you will never get hit except on a 1 as there was before. the higher your number the better, obviously, as every little bit helps, but you don't need 100AC to be a viable tank anymore

    DODGE - dodge is nice. it doesn't stack to your AC bonus now like it used to. instead it gives you a separate chance to just sidestep that incoming hit. *WHIFF!* haha! you missed me, Horoth! :-P
    it doesn't stack terribly high, that is correct, but still... an EXTRA 5% or 10% or whatever amount of a miss chance that STACKS with incorporeal and blur... very handy.
    monks can build up a decent dodge also. depends on what feats you take, what ED you're in (and which parts of it you put points into) and what gear you wear.

    PRR - this is where it's really at if you want to tank. this is a %-based DR, and you can stack it up pretty high if you include armor, shield, special armor/shield properties (sheltering), PrEs and EDs. again, this is on a curve, so the higher you go, you reach a point of diminishing returns, but if you have a nice high number (at least 70-80+ or so), the attacks which rip others apart are just a tickle to you.
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    What is "overrated" is grinding out every last possible point of AC and ignoring other lucrative avenues of mitigation. In the same way, grinding out every last possible point of Dodge (or whatever) and ignoring AC is also a bad idea. You'll get the most benefit with a balanced approach.

    The distinction between tank and DPS roles has grown sharper with recent updates, both in builds and gear. The build you seek depends on just how tank-like you envision your tankish kinda guy.

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    You might want to take a look at The U14 Armor System Explained for insight into how AC, dodge, concealment and incorporeal numbers work together to mitigate damage.

    In simple terms, dodge is not especially effective for tanking in DDO at this time. It works in conjunction with other factors to avoid damage when the character is not the focal point of mob aggression. But, it does very little to protect a character that intentionally seeks to get and hold aggression.

    Instead, armor with a high physical resistance rating working in conjunction with feats, enhancements and epic destinies (which help power PRR) along with damage resistance, high hit points and large healing amplification seems to be the standard for current tanks.

    DPS characters, on the other hand, can generally go with much lighter armor and rely to a much larger degree on dodge, concealment, etc.

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