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Thread: New Quests ?

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    Default New Quests ?


    Is there any new quests coming with update 17 ???

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    It appears just the raid will be the only really new quest, but the Epic Open area is not the same as the heroic one (other than the general map).
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    As was published by the devs, U17 is Epic GH.
    If they have developed a new raid, then that's just icing on the cake.

    Let's face it. GH is hands down the best all-around quest series we have ever had. For them to release it in epic settings has got to be a blast.

    And I'm sure we'll see multiple instances ALL the time.

    I for 1 can't wait to see what they've done. And consider it "new" content.

    So, pask88, U18 can't be that far off for other stuff.

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