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    Default Can "The Tide Turns" be repeated without repeating the whole chain?

    I may have to farm it for the shard of Elyd Edge.

    Actually, I never did epic TTT yet. Completed the chain in Heroic mode (where Elyd Edge came from) and did epic Bargain of Blood once or twice -- where seal of Elyd Edge came from. Now I need to complete the chain on my only epic-level toon to get the shard, and probably do TTT more than once.
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    You can repeat tide turns without doing the flagging quests.

    Also, every three times you get a special reward list that
    includes the sigils and various BtA gear.

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    Yes, you only need to flag for it once and then you can run it as often as you like.

    It is also not all that difficult provided you are skilled at getting by the traps. (which are just a bit different on epic). As epics go it is fairly easy.
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    Unfortunately for someone like me who says "I'll be glad to help you farm out shard x!" it can be reapeated without doing the whole chain, ad naseum.
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