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Guys, should I tell him?

Okay you're probably not going to believe this, and I probably should just let you go on thinking it was never released but: Duke Nukem Forever went gold and shipped in 2011. Sadly it was at best a mediocre bargain bin game. I know I know I should have let the vaporware legend live on...
Read again.

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As always, it will land on the same day as: Duke Nuke'em Forever-er
Maybe this is too much of an inside joke. It's a play on Dumb & Dumber... Dumb & Dumberer.

The follow-up to the Duke Nuke'em series would be Duke Nuke'em Forever-est, using this silly logic. I hate explaining jokes because it makes it even less funny than it was to begin with

The idea being that Duke Nuke'em Forever took forever to come out, therefore Duke Nuke'em Forever-er would also take forever.