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    Default Monk changes and sugestions on DC calculations

    As some dc calculations are corrected I got few suggestions for fixes in other monk abilities , which some of those maybe are considered even buged.

    Everything is nothing now is calculated as the rest ki spells of grandmaster of flowers. Now the dc is calculated 10+ char lvl + Wisdom modifier. Imo that is a welcome fix .It gives monks a reason to invest in wisdom as it should be .

    My suggestions:

    1) Touch of Death : Touch of death is calculated 10+ Monk level+ wisdom modifier. So it doesn't consider at all the Grandmaster of flower levels which is a +5 . I would not suggest of course to change the formula to consider character levels because it will ruin the class balance compared to multiclass. But instead grandmaster of flower should be considered as a monk lvl and raise the dcs , as it is for arcane and divine spell casting EDs. Imo this is considered a bug and should be corrected . (bug reported)

    2)Quivering Palm : Quivering Palm has a different calculation on formula . If i m not mistaken is Monk level + wisdom modifier .The dc as it is , is low for epic content . Again as aforementioned it doesn't add the grandmaster of flower levels thus missing +5 dc . Imo grandmaster levels should be at least considered in that calculation . I would suggest also not to use the same formula with the +10 but instead add the exceptional combat tactics bonuses which atm reach the most +6 and you got to wear an item to improve it, so its not overpowering. (not bug reported)

    As a conclusion if you do the aforementioned fixes on Grandmaster of Flower ED will affect and correct all monk abilities of dark and light monk with only 1 fix .
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