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while its nice to see 2 melee duo the raid, it does nulify anyone stating it was only completed so quickly due to mana pots.

casual and mediocrity ftw i guess
Actually no... No melee was done except when double rainbow (which we both twist in) proc'd flesh-to-stone or any other incap. Then one of us would charge up ki and Fury eternals. Otherwise, strictly ranged...

Compare full parties of 12 on EE, EH to our run which was

- eNormal!
- scaled down to 2 toons
- both the same build Monkcher in Fury,
- well geared, properly feated and enhanced,
- lots of previous experience running together and communicating in raids
- both practiced soloers (Shataan much more than me, after all he's solo'd all soloable raids).

Bottom line, these builds are well-suited for short-manning the raid. They don't consume resources, other than scrolls (and supreme ability pots in the case of Lamannia). It was easier to coordinate killing times with Adrenalines (not to mention less chance of accidental party over-DPS'ing in last moments of the prep phase). We both have extra run speed (big advantage in there), sprint boost and abundant step for more urgent situations, high saves, improved evasion, Improved precise shot, etc... And we're used to playing together and/or soloing stuff.

Having been in the EE completion as well, I can assure you it wasn't easy. There is zero chance we'd complete without the resource consumption. So the duo completion doesn't nullify anything. Not only was the EE completion done in a reasonable time due to mana pots, but it was done PERIOD due to mana pots. As the raid stands now, it will be quite some time before we see a pot-free EE completion, and it would be a major accomplishment.