Anyone concerned about the potential for power creep with augments?

The one thing that has always stunned me with DDO is how far off the track it has gotten - at least when it comes to magical items - with it's namesake: D&D. Back on Pen and Paper, at least as I remember it, a Vorpal sword was about as close to an uber-rare, OP item as you could find. In DDO, it's considered second-tier equipment so much so that U17 has to "fix" it so that it becomes useful again.

And it seems like whenever they increase drop rates on something, or inject new, more powerful items into the game we end up requiring mob HPs to be inflated, and bosses to have all of these broad-based immunities to keep the game challenging.

Cannith Crafting, was useful to an extent. However, virtually no one can say that Cannith Crafted items were OP in any way, shape, or form. You need a lot of levels to make 25% striding gear, greater resistance items, and so on. You can't make a lot of stuff that you either have to rely on named items to provide, or random loot.

With augments, however, I see that changing rapidly. We're approaching crafting stuff that only two years ago was considered something you'd spend time farming for. As I see it, this only means one thing: they are going to start elevating mobs to compensate for all of these new, crafted, augmented weapons that will be out there.

Anyone else see this, or do you think I'm just overreacting?