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    The new augment system in U17 means we can use augmented base items for crafting. The augments work similarly to how epic augments work now, scaled to varying levels of power. The augment slots (not the augments themselves) add +1 (colorless) or +2 (colored) to the enchantment level of your crafted item. The augments you actually slot do not add to the enchantment level, but instead imbue the item with an Absolute ML based on the power of the augment.

    What this boils down to is that 1) you can effectively craft three effects on an item, and 2) several useful crafted effects effectively have their enchantment level significantly lowered. This second part is because the enchantment level is unrelated to the augments, but instead entirely based on augment color.

    Most of the augments are worthless. Who cares about +2 stats at level 4, for example? Nobody. Some are quite tasty, though. This is a list of what I think might be the best candidates for crafting with augments.

    ACCESSORIES             Augment      Crafted
    Effect           AML   Potential    Potential
    Fear Immunity      8      +2           n/a
    Deathblock        12      +2           +3
    Striding 20%      12      +2           +4
    Striding 25%      16      +2           n/a
    Striding 30%      20      +2           n/a
    Archmagi          24      +2           n/a
    +6 stat           20      +1           +6
    +7 stat           24      +1           n/a
    +1 excp stat      20      +1           n/a
    +2 insight stat   24      +1           n/a
    To use an example, let's say you wanted to craft up some boots to simulate rocket boots as you approach 18, when you actually switch to rocket boots. You could craft Feather Falling (+1) of Jump +13 boots (+6) for a total potential of +7, making it an ML13 item. Consulting the chart we see that Striding 25% adds +2 and has an AML of 16, so 7+2=9 potential, which is ML17. Apply masterful to bring that down to ML15, but since the AML is 16 we end up with feather fall, jump +13 and striding 25% on an ML16 item.

    Not saying those boots would be a particularly good idea -- I'd still rather wear the mire set -- but it's clearly more powerful than what crafting can do pre-U17. Of most interest for accessories is probably the fear immunity and deathblock, and then if you use crafted gear at endgame those +2 insightful stats can be nice.

    WEAPONS                 Augment      Crafted
    Effect           AML   Potential    Potential
    Byeshk bypass      8       +2          n/a
    Law bypass         8       +2          n/a
    Chaos bypass       8       +2          n/a
    Good bypass       12       +2          n/a
    Adamantine bypass 12       +2          n/a
    Cold Iron bypass  16       +2          n/a
    Silver bypass     16       +2          n/a
    Spell Power +66   12       +2           +7
    Spell Power +78   16       +2          n/a
    Spell Power +90   20       +2          n/a
    Spell Power +114  24       +2          n/a
    +6 stat           20      +1           +6
    +7 stat           24      +1           n/a
    +1 excp stat      20      +1           n/a
    +2 insight stat   24      +1           n/a
    The dr breaking can help in a couple nice ways. Adding byeshk to a cold iron demon beater is nice to cover xoriat demons, though I'm guessing that good weapon types (eg: khopesh) with an inherent metal and a red slot may be a bit pricey on the ah. Other notables would be adding law to a metalline flametouched iron evil outsider bane to cover all demons and devils and break thaarak hound dr all in one shot. Or, what I'll probably be looking for, adding good to a true chaos adamantine bludgeon of construct bane to break both marut and lob dr as well as getting virtually no "immune" messages from holy, since most constructs are neutral.

    The spell power has potential for crafting one-handed major lore with level-appropriate spell power: +78 glaciation of major ice lore would be AML16 but only use +7 potential, meaning you could add +2 for the implement bonus and get a +2 glaciation +78 scepter of major ice lore, ML16. This isn't even craftable right now, since the max is glaciation +66. But the +66 version of this would have a whopping +14 potential, making it a hard ML20 instead of ML16.

    ARMOR                   Augment      Crafted
    Effect           AML   Potential    Potential
    Heavy Fort         8      +2           +5
    There are some other nice armor effects, but they are AML16 or higher and I can't really imagine using crafted armor at 16 and up. If you do, you can slot PRR up to +14, max dex bonus up to +2, and resistance/protection/natural armor all up to +7. Plus of course +7/+2 stats from colorless.

    Right now, crafted Life Shield of Heavy Fort armor would be ML13 w/masterful. Using an augment for the heavy fort, the same armor would be ML8.

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