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    Talking Self-promotion and a request

    some of you may have seen my thread about risia, festivult and how they collide (link in sig). After rave(ish) reviews (making the DDO chronicle is good right?), I am going to start a DDO mini-series (The Taken Chronicles) filled with screenies of takens, bad puns, and general fun.

    So, my request to you G-landers is:
    A. Send me taken cookies (they taste bad, let me eat them for you. You will receive a letter thanking you. And maybe a cupcake too)
    B. Think of a creative place for me to be a taken and take screenies (donators have first priority, majority rules though)
    C. Be willing to participate! You may see me as Pyntsized or Shieldsteel during your travels. If you do, there is a possibility of me turning into a jumble of body parts. Do not be alarmed. Well, not too alarmed.

    Thanks G-land!

    P.S. Also send in bad puns (using taken as the punch line / word) and ideas for some group Taken fun.
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    Sounds as if the idea is really Taken off. Nice of you to be Taken the time.

    ok... gotta think more about these puns. Taken some Zombies to lunch for some brainstorming.
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