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    Waiting in the lava pits to chain trip you on the way to Prison of the Planes


    Either "NyarlathotepDestroyerOfWorlds" or "Rex"
    Khyber: Aggrim (Completionist!)
    In Von 3 the breakables in the Troll Ambassador optional room are slow to get to and unnecessary for ransack.
    Blind insta-kills floating eye balls.

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    i humbly suggest:


    because its a construct and we all know were talking about nuts and bolts right...

    Ive had 3 pets on various characters so far.

    Knine - arti dog
    snuggles - wolf for my human druid.
    DistractionUnit - wolf for my wf druid.
    Ex Euro player from devourer: Charaters on orien(Officer of Under Estimated & Nightfox): Wrothgar, Cobolt, Shadeweaver, TheMetal, Metaphysical, Allfred, Razortusk and many more.
    stuff by me:

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