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I think this is a good idea.

Witness how seldom Cursed Crypt is run because it has one of the most polarizing quests in the game (Tomb of the Tormented) as a prerequisite.

Crucible, Tomb of the Tormented, The Pit and the like require a certain mood for me to enjoy them.
Absolutely. What he said.

If they were taking Crucible away or even just taking away those elements which make it "unique" (ahem) then I'd man the barricades with the rest of you, even though I hate it like poison. I am, instead, just really pleased that it's no longer a prerequisite for what is still pretty much a must-have raid and I can't see this harming anything about the game, so... great. Those who want to can still run the quest and display their gaming credentials. I'll still join my guildies and help out when someone wants to run it for XP and favour; I just won't need to wait until someone else wants to do it before I can flag for Tor.