SO I just hit GMoF 5 with my monk. I switched to LD to twist in Legendary Tactics and started eyeing Sense Weakness in FoTW. I checked Wiki and it looks like I will need a total of 12 fate points to twist in a Tier 4 ability (Sense Weakness) and a Tier 1 ability (Legendary Tactics). I currently have 4 fate points thanks to a +2 Tome of Fate, so I will need 8 more. I will get 1 fate point for every 3 Destiny Levels, so to get 8 fate points I need 24 Destiny Levels. So it looks like I will need to work through 4 levels of LD, then 3 levels in Shiradi Champion, 3 in Primal avatar and 4 in FoTW. However, that only gives me 14 Destiny Levels. I would have 19 total Destiny Levels and 8 Fate Points. So then I have to get 4 levels of Shadowdancer, 4 levels of Fatesinger, and 3 of either Magister or Draconic Incarnation. Total would be 30 Destiny Levels and 10 Fate Points, and add the +2 from the Tome of Fate and...finally. Am I calculating this right?

It took me 6 months to get to GMOF 5. At that rate and if my math is correct, I'll get the two twists I want sometime in 2016...wonderful. I sure hope DDO is still around in 3 years.