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This thread is depressing.

The quest is called Coalescence Chamber, right, but there is more than one chamber. The quest isn't called ChamberS. Please make the quest one room, we step forward to trigger, cast an ice storm, wait 14 seconds, collect loot.

Actually, stepping forward is too hard. Please just give single room with chest in it, at arm's length. Actually, chests require a separate step to open them. Please invent a loot bucket instead, so we don't have to go to the trouble to open the lid. Oh, and don't make us run to the quest, pls put door in Harbor. No, better, please put door on Guild ship. But the door is a separate step, so please skip that step and please put chest on Guild ship. Kthxbai.

I'm going to make a thread about Detour. It is ok, but too long and too many fights. It would be more rational and straightforward if the, you know, detour was removed. Please get on that asap.

I guess you'd have to rename it, what, Road? Hey, just the price of progress.
Dont forget Time Sync of the Damned.

All these keystrokes needed to log in are time consuming, they should be removed.