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    Quote Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun View Post
    Flawless Dragonscale armor/robe/docents didn't feel Epic enough.

    Upgrade 1: +8 Enhancement Bonus (Robes go from +10 to +11 Armor)
    Upgrade 2: Major Arcane Lore
    Thanks for listening Feather! Give Feather more Holiday / Vacation!!

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    Default Dragonscale and Druid Pets bugged?

    I haven't played a Druid high enough to have ever played with this but I capped last night and made my wolf a set of white dragonscale (medium), put it on him and got the exclamation mark around it as if he is not proficient with it. Figuring it was probably just too heavy, I downgraded to the white leathers.. same thing.. Also, the robe is incompatible.
    I honestly don't know what this should and should not be doing or why it gives the yellow exclamation mark for the pet but this does not seem right. If I can get any kind of confirmation that this isn't WAI I'll drop a thread in the bug forum.

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