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    Quote Originally Posted by Yaga_Nub View Post

    Nice to see you 'round pal...

    Quote Originally Posted by hsinclair
    I heard the devs hate all wizards, bards, clerics, fighters, and fuzzy bunnies and only want us to play halfling barbarian/paladin shuriken specialists!

    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pHo3nix View Post
    The new invasion example in some posts is perfect: it's a quest required to flag, the last fight on elite might be a pain, yet there were a lot of people flagging for tod by running new invasion on hard, normal or casual. I can't see why people couldn't flag for GH raid by running crucible on casual.
    The difference is when TOD was end game there were no "elite streaks". The penalty for breaking your streak for just one quest is so punitive (punishing you for the next 5 quests) that it is intellectually/emotionally difficult to run the quests at level on anything other than elite first up to at least L18 quests, and often nothing non epic will be run on anything but Elite first.

    If they fixed the streak mechanic (for example, if your streak > 5 then running lower settings reduced streak to 4, otherwise it just lowered streak by 1) then running quests as other than elite would be an option again.

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    Default Bring back Crucible?

    Why bring it back? It didn't go anywhere. Maybe you just got turned around.

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