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    Default Excess time and crest in Rushmore

    We've just 6-starred Behind the Door and now need to AFK for 14 minutes with a load of left-over crests.

    Please consider adding a trader to every Rushmore challenge so that we can hand in excess crests and excess time at the end of the challenge!

    Or even better a "Finish" button when you've completed every star objective that will turn your extra time and extra crests into extra rewards or xp.

    This has bugged me for a long time now, but since the challenges got hit with the xp-nerf-bat while ago, this would at least give us something back.

    What to do with the remaining 12 minutes .... farming portraits .... whoop-de-doo.

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    Best use of the time is to save the paragon kobold for last and just keep killing his elemental respawns(whilst keeping him alive) as this will increase your point total greatly versus the portrait kills!
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    The first lava caves is worse, 2min to reach goal and then afk for 13min.
    Every run..
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