As of late our guild has been proud to open our doors to many new members(with the change to the guild renown), it has been very exciting to see so many members join us for such great times!

Some of our recent achievements have been very inspiring;
Our first Chronoscope Raid (for some reason everyone was afraid of this quest)
multiple Tempest Spine Raids
Over five members with assorted toons earning 50 Cannith Favor
three members earning 1750 favor
2 member passing over to eveningstar
Groups proceeding with large Elite bravery streaks

Some of our plans ahead;
Run Velah Raid (next one to be done, group is ready time is not yet set)
Run Titan Raid (not sure if this is bugged right now, but many toons are flagged)
Run Demon Queen Raid (some toons are flagged, but not enough yet)
members are currently discussing how to acquire the means to True Reincarnation

Ultimate Goals to be set;

Looking forward to what the future hold for PD Halls of Valhalla!!!