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    Default Looking for a guild on Ghallanda

    A little about myself. I'm a 39 year old guy who got introduced to PnP by a friend's dad back in '78-'79. I've been playing DDO for nearly a year, and have mostly played duo with a friend and hires and solo a fair bit. I read a lot on ddo wiki, but am still noobish about some things, i.e. I have a level 25 Rogue and a TR'ed Ranger, but have never done a single raid and have no greensteel. I am a premium player with no VIP plans. I do have the expansion and all of the content packs, both Eberron and The Realms. I play a lot, but in a casual style, stopping to sniff flowers occasionally, especially if I’ve not done a quest before. I detest drama.

    I have a 5 year old son, so sometimes RL intervenes mid quest, though I daresay he's more self-sufficient than most of my toons ;P My play time is a tad erratic since my work schedule varies anywhere from 5am-Midnight EST. My PCs are a 25 rogue mechanic with capped Shadowdancer, capped Legendary Dreadnaught, 3 Grandmaster of Flowers, a 10 Tempest Ranger (TR Barb past life) and a 16 Artificer. I also have a Cannith Crafter with levels in the 85-102 range. I'd like to join a guild of helpful folks who wouldn't mind teaching a fella how to raid and some way to hit the House C challenges without pulling out all of my hair. I'm a definite team player; I just need a new team to play for. I don't really care what level the guild is, but one with a good bit of active players would be preferable. Ship buffs are nice, but I try not to build around them. I just wanna learn the rest of the game, make some good friends and have fun doing so. Oh yeah…I hate puzzles.

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    Default the old timers guild


    Check out the link in my signature and take a look at our guild. We are The Old Timers Guild and consist of thousands of players that play many different MMO's with several hundred playing DDO. We have many different types of players that range from casual to hardcore. We are "Laid back and all about the fun" . There are lots of great guilds on Gallahanda, so take your time and pick the best one for you. Good luck and look me up in game if you ever need anything.
    The Best Server: Gallhanda

    Looking for a great guild? Check Out Our Guild:

    Looking for some good builds to play?

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