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Hmm just a question Shataan.

Why is there only one screenie for your EE DQ2 completion? The part with "reentries, deaths, completion time and what not" are missing. For every other raid you provided two screenies.

If I wanna be critical/scpetical I would say that you got a perma dot on her, died and piked for quite some time only to res at the shrine which appears after completion XD.

So pls for officiality provide us with a second screenie of that section of the xp log.
I didnt provide 2 screenshots for every other raid. VoD and ToD are missing 2nd screenshot too, but hey, Heroic Raids are serious buisness so I must ve cheated . I was taking 2 screenshots when I remembered to do so. Sometimes after hours of kiting you forget about stuff lol. From what I remember ADQ was one of my first soloed raids, back then Fury either didnt work as it works now on bows or I just wasnt aware of that. I guess it wouldnt ve taken over an hour to kill that lady if I was in Fury and there wouldnt be any speculations with ship buffs running. Oh well... I might rerun it in the future, have some other stuff to do for now tho, so Im not really planning to do it that soon.