Hey Everyone,

I'm Tesrin, successor for Blood Assassin's. After talking a bit this past week with Drpepper, we've decided that we need to add some numbers to our ranks. We are a small guild, about 10 active people in a lvl 84 almost lvl 85 guild. We have guild raid days twice a week where we doing heroic and epics raids. We run quite frequently with the Ancients and a few other players that join us often in raids.

What we expect:
-At least one epic level character capable of running epic elite raids
-Have most of the the following packs for raids: Sands, VoN, Chronoscope, ToD, Eveningstar, Abbot

As a small knit group we run drama free and expect to keep it that way. We can help get characters gear that need it, as long as the person is right for running with us, it'll be a grand time.

That being said what we are looking for is a few players or perhaps another small guild or two that would like a merger to join us. We would want to screen potential people first to make sure the person(s) would mesh well with the group that we have so you would have to join our raid trains on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays for a bit unless we already know you and would vouch for you.

For anyone interested contact Drpeppero or Tesrin for more information

Thanks and take care from the Blood Assassin's