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    Default Deus Ex Niveus Ghallanda Guild

    Guild Name: Deus Ex Niveus
    Gods born of the Snow
    Guild Owner: Calovis Van Kain (P2P)
    Guild Lv: 24
    Active Members:3-4
    Play Type: P2P, F2P, Raids(soon as we get more members), Basically we will go with any player type. We ain't gonna tell you how to play your game
    Active Hours: Not sure on game time, but somewhere American central time zone, think it's like -4GT
    Raid time: Would like to get into doing at least twice a week. Need members though
    Raid Loot: Enjoy your own loot, do what you want with it.

    We're a small guild, I know people don't like joining low level guilds for 2 reasons.
    -(1) Small guilds don't have big airships with tons of buffs.
    -(2) Most people see small guilds to be belonging to noobs/players that are bound to quit, go inactive for periods of time, start new characters, ect ect ect. Not our case. 2 of us are P2P and I personally spend money weekly *more than I should* on the betterment of the guild *gold seal aminities, loot and renown boost, ect* We have no intention of going anywhere but up.
    But =D we could use a bit of help doing it!
    Thanks for reading. -Cal-
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