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    Default Why did my Greensteel Ooze weapons get Icy Blast instaed of Acid Blast?

    I used this website to plan my GS items, and its worked fine for the ones I've done previously.

    I had the exact ingredients it listed to make a pair of Acid blast Ooze shortswords, and made and combined the gems as instructed, but when applying the final tier 3 gems, I only had the following two options available to pick after combining an Earth and Water - Icy Blast + Sundering Ooze, or just Icy Blast.

    So I ended up wasting 10 LDSs and the frost damage hardly works on anything and doesnt combine well with my Ninja Spy / Assassin using Porous Soul and Wind Stance.

    But I get an army of oozes at least.

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    Ooze is a combination of Water and Earth. In the first two tiers, you pick one or the other, and then the one you didn't pick the first time to get the Aspect of Ooze.

    In tier3, when you combine shards, there is an order of preference for which shard will have the dominant characteristic.

    Which while it says Earth > Water at the top, it disagrees with that in the Ooze category where Water is underlined.


    Shows water options as the only ones available at Tier3.

    The Montreal site is the only one you should ever use when designing Greensteel.
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    Ooze weapons are hilarious and awesome all at the same time. So I dont' think it was a total waste imo.

    However, yes there is a pecking order to which type is stronger than the other. Hence if it was a pos/neg combo, the positive dominates the negative. When it comes to elemental dominace, i cannot remember all the orders, but as the sites above show, you can see the details.


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    Right, sorry I forgot to link the site I was using:

    I've now checked several others and they all show that you can only have icy blast at T3. That's ok then, but just not what I would have liked since I'm using porous soul for +10% acid damage.

    I reliably have 2-4 oozes out most of the time, and the most I've had so far was 6 which was just awesome, and the clerics in the group were even mass healing them for me lol.

    My rogues not my main character anyway, just a fun Ninja spy splash + wind stance shortsword build, and the ooze weapons work great with the increased attack speed and double striking

    My DT ooze sunder guard alone wasn't working too well because I evade / dodge / incorporeal most damage sources so the weapons are much nicer now.

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