Guild is at lvl 31 right now.
Server: Khyber
We now have a ship.

This is a Buddhist guild, or rather that was the concept at its creation.
All or no affiliations are also welcome.
The guild name is in reference to a necessary insight before 1st stage of enlightenment according to Theravada tradition.
I am not evangelizing or preaching in this, so if you like to do that please don't do it here.
There is currently only 2 Buddhists in the Guild. That member and i are the only ones ever talking about practice, using the 'Tell' chat feature out of courtesy.
The Eye of Dhamma: To clearly see internally & every moment, "All formations are subject to passing away."
The guild leader is online off and on throughout the day about 5 days a week and enjoys helping out new players or questing with guild members.
His most played characters are: Everstiff, Icravedeath, Horcb, EgoThief, Cromni.
Guild successor characters are: Arrowbringer, Arrowshi.

The only rules for entry here:
-Members are online in the game more than once a month.
-We treat all players with kindness.
-We help each other out with the game when we can.
-No zerging unless its done as a team.
-Have as much fun as is humanly possible.