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    Default Warforged druid doubts

    So, before you get started on why I did this weird thing, let me explain: I wanted to and I could

    I got a few doubts though. I know that I loose all WF stuff when I transform, but is it really ALL? I mean, my DR/Adamantite still apears in my char profile. Is that an UI glitch or do I still have the DR. It's hard to find out in the game since it's only 2.
    That got me thinking: if I take the feat Improved Damage Reduction (wf only), will I loose that when I change?


    And also, does the weapon +X applies to attack chance and damage when shapeshifted?
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    Interesting question: you are no longer considered a Construct while shapeshifted, but I'm uncertain how many WF abilities / immunities are tied to being a construct. Can a WF wolf drown? Might have to experiment when I get the chance.
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    The "drown" question I can answer:

    Yes, WF wolf or bear do drown. That makes me belive that ALL WF bonus in the "feats" tab are lost when you shapeshift.

    The question still remains for WF enhancements. If they are also lost, there is ABSOLUTELY no point in doing a WF druid (not that are many right now).

    Arg... I gotta get to 20 and TR again.

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    pretty sure you still get to keep the wf tactic line at least
    and the wf racial toughness

    so the DR from enhancement... most likely
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