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    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    Paralyzers are great, but I find the save DC (at least on Cormyrians) quickly falls to unreliable in L20 and up content

    And does IPS turn your shots into "unlimited penetration" line AOEs? I thought it was only a line-to-target AOE, and then it "stopped". Ie, you could hit another target in front of your intended target, but not behind.

    Maybe I'll give it another go. I really want it to be better than PS...I just havent seen it yet
    It keeps going until it hits a wall or skybox and will damage any mob that it passes through until then. If you target a mob in front of a group you can often have issues hitting those behind due to height differences. There are a few threads around showing how it works.
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    IPS afaik has to be used by target the rearmost mob in the line you're hoping to hit.

    I find that binding 'last target' to a convenient key, I can hit that and usually hard target one of the mobs at the back of a pack.

    I've never seen IPS shots carry on through their intended target on to ones behind.

    Edit: I have to say, with the change to precise shot and archer's focus, I do have some sympathy for the view that IPS is not as important as its made out to be. 30% damage increase is very nice, and lining up mobs for IPS can be a pain. Overall, whilst IPS really shines in some situations, archer's focus is likely to be better sustained dps most of the time.

    That said, theres no feat I'd replace IPS with that is better for an artificer. Additionally, the dex requirement of 19 is something you'd want to be hitting anyway in order to maintain a decent ranged AB. So its a very good feat with no real opportunity cost to the ranged arti, and as such should be taken for those situations where it shines.
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