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    Quote Originally Posted by rest View Post
    If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.
    haha Rest you have great music taste, but now I know why we can never marry

    Best tip is if you ever see a raid LFM on Friday night that says "Bring booze" do as it says you do not want to join that group sober
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    Default for the newbies; or those who want a refresh

    this is the link to the basic tips that are on the load screens,
    I get many a tells from newbies.. asking me these questions while I pass thru the harbor... and marketplace;
    so hopefully if any of you who are new to the DDO game; and are on the forums these are the game tips on one page

    print them out if you cannot remember them
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    Whenever Dying in a horrible or embarrassing way, always blame the deadly Lag Monster. Its hard to prove and apparently happens more often than not!

    If you keep dying eventually everyone will find out you got a great Computer and actually just suck, but it might just bye you enough time to find something or someone else to blame before you get booted from a group.
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    The best way to learn the the most about the game is to play a healer. I firmly believe everyone should level a cleric or FVS as early as possible in DDO. It gives you insight into:

    1. What healers go through and how to successfully play a non-healing class.
    2. It teaches you SP management
    3. Healing classes are very powerful and you can solo to see more of the game, even when not grouped.
    4. Healing classes are versatile and you can play with different play styles (melee/DPS vs spell casting).
    5. It is easy to get into groups with a healer
    6. Playing a healer teaches you how to play so you don't need a healer! You learn how to be truly self-sufficient.
    7. Ironically, playing a healer also teaches you how to be a team player and you understand what makes good groups succeed.
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    Ok ok! I think I've got a couple!

    1) (mentioned before, I think) Don't waste spell slots on condition-removing spells. Just keep the appropriate wands handy. (Curse removing, blindness removing, lesser restore, etc.)

    2) If you are squishy or playing with a tank who is not you, let someone *else* damage an enemy before you do. That initial hit agro always seems really difficult to overcome.

    3) If you want to reach a lower-elevation spot and don't have/don't want to use feather fall, look for an angled wall; you can slide down them without taking fall damage.

    4) Don't sweat being new; if you don't know how to do something or don't know what's going on, say something.

    5) You don't *have* to multiclass; if you haven't planned or given thought to multiclassing your character (especially if you're new) there's a good chance your best multiclass will be more of the same class you've been taking.

    6) Take all build advice with a grain of salt; sure, common sense says that if you're going to be on the front lines taking a lot of damage (or just generally grabbing agro) then CON is super-important, but at the same time my rogue who started with 8 CON does just fine (I can count on one finger the number of times that having marginally more HP would have helped...DARN YOU SOR-JEK AND YOUR HORRID WILTING WITH ITS ACCURSED FORTITUDE SAVE!!!!!). *Note, there was a steep learning curve involved in agro management and damage avoidance.

    7) This especially holds true in DDO: Don't be miserable today and place all your enjoyment and happiness on tomorrow's payoff. Seriously, the Devs like to change things up enough that what you've worked so long and hard for tends to become irrelevant.

    7b) Along the same lines, don't do things that "exploit" a system or mechanic or are the obvious best and "only real choice" and expect it to be forever. ((Evasion in heavy armor, monk touch of death, two-weapon fighting, etc.))

    8) Have fun and enjoy yourself.

    Edited for typo-fixing; "cure removing" has been respelled to be "curse removing"
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    Default All good tips

    The only one I didn't see was:

    Don't link your gear unless specifically asked.
    Because no one gives a flying duck that you have a Kyosho's ring or epic _______ unless they ask, and you only look like a d-bag for preempting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minionofgruumsh View Post
    1) (mentioned before, I think) Don't waste spell slots on condition-removing spells. Just keep the appropriate wands handy. (Cure removing, blindness removing, lesser restore, etc.)
    Especially remove curse...

    You'll find out if you ever run Ascension Chamber or Caught in the Web, why relying on your spell points to remove curses is not a good idea, since there's a good chance you won't have them when you need them. Also in the former raid, you'll have to either have quicken, extreme concentration and fire resistance, or good timing to actually be able to cast the remove curse when you need it even if you had spell points left.

    Just carry potions (or wands if you want to be able to remove others' curses), they're so much simpler.

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