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    I upgraded 5 DAYS AGO to VIP status. The $14.99 has been deducted from my bank account. My online account management for DDO says I became VIP on the 4th. Unfortunately, here I am 5 DAYS LATER and the game itself is still a premium account.

    So I have lost nearly a week of VIP status!!!!

    What the heck is going on here???! I paid for a month and I am not getting a month...I'm not getting ANYTHING for my money at all. No point. No VIP access...nothing except a $14.99 deduction from my bank account.

    I tried the account support by email but all I get are automated responses. Not a bit of communication other than that. I cannot call during office hours because I cannot call from work.

    I have to say, I am very upset over this...especially since I was hoping to prepay a year next month. I'm certainly glad I didn't do it this month, as I would really be ripped off!

    If I don't get a response within another day, I am telling my bank to pursue action and cancelling my account. Even if they activate my account now, I have lost nearly a week of VIP access. Will they reiberse the time? Add it to my status?

    They really need to make this right. Too much competition to have mess ups lke this.

    As a new player (tried in 2008; returned after trying others recently) this is the only bad experience I have had, so this customer can be saved if they handle it right.
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