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    Default unarmed greatcleave animation issues

    just tossing this up here for visibility, both for players and devs. i didn't know about this issue till recently myself. and then this post came along saying that unarmed great cleave for humans works as intended. it does not appear to do the same for elves, and to hear people talk about it i can only assume the same is true for many other races.

    this is a short clip showing the elven unarmed great cleave and cleave animations, great cleave first, followed by cleave. using an unarmed great cleave in combat gives a pause that lasts for at least 1-2 full seconds before any damage happens at the very very end of the attack (to the point of being completely after the attack animation finishes)

    it is also possible that this slower (incorrect?) animation for great cleave is not correctly attributing TWF and/or double-strike bonus. i did not do the most scientific test, as the only character i can test with is an acrobat, so focused on staves not much in the way of TWF, and not much double-strike to speak of yet either... but i beat down the dummy from full to dead using nothing but great cleave, and did not once proc more than a single hit

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    Default Can't speak for great cleave but....

    The Unyielding Sentinel "Confront any Foe" behaves the same way with UA attack that you are describing when I used on my 2Ftr/3Monk/15Pal Helf.

    Longggggggg pause.

    Some fancy animation.

    ONE and only ONE hit with added light damage. NO TWF, NO double strikes.

    Shorter Pause.


    Confront any Foe works great with my FVS and his Forgotten Light mace.

    Also worked with above build when I tried with a Q-Staff, Kamas and Uncentered with Longsword.
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    All those pesky elves got what they deserved ;P

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    You're using a multi target attack on a single foe.

    If you want to "test" this, go into the Water Works, drag a dozen kobolds along and then give em that round house kick.

    The first on the right hand of your character probably gets a hit first, the one to the left last.

    If you say that this is different for humans then for other races then it might be humans that are broken?
    (Some more "tests" maybe?)

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