Not sure if any other wizards have the same problem. I tested the new EK enhancements on my drow wizard/fighter (18/2). The various ASF reduction passives only seem to reduce ASF from SHIELDS only...NOT armor.

Tested with light, medium, and heavy armors...no reduction (named, random, and crafted all tested...no reduction)
Tested with light, heavy, tower shields...reduction granted

First type I tested was crafted twilight mithral FP. "Medium" armor that has a base ASF chance of 15%. 3 levels of stillspell taken...should have removed ASF totally...still 15% remaining on equip.

To be sure that these armors COULD receive any type of ASF reduction. I then took 3 levels of arcane fluidity on drow racial enhancement tree for a total of 15% reduction to ARMOR ASF only. Result: 0% ASF on twilight mithral FP tested earlier. As expected, no ASF checks on arcane spellcasting when equipped.

Conclusion: At least for my particular character/build, EK ASF reduction passives not currently working vs. properly working drow racial ASF reduction passives.

Disclaimer: To be honest, I did not test EK enhancements before most recent patch, so I do not know if they were working properly in the past and are now broken, or never worked. However, I talked to people in the test dojo and they said they previously got the enhancements to work properly on WF and non WF characters.

Thanks for reading!

Sepharus (Ghallanda wizard/fighter)