is what it is: jump for coins till your eyes bleed.
- galciation recipies on weapons could realy have done with going up to 120. as it stands its twink gear at best.

evening star:
great event, love the races! I like my polar cub. good job here bar one massive exception (and a couple of buggy spots on the track)

PAY PER PLAY! what the heck are you thinking, this is not the 80's this is not some dodgey arcade. 3 or 5 runs per account per day is not enough to get into the swing of it, let alone get good. I already bought the dang skates. After speaking with my pals and guildies we are all of a mind on this - the comunity doesnt like this kind of cash grab. Its very obvious, and doesnt reflect well on turbine.

You could have monetised it without ****ing people off by doing what you did with mabar.
- that is a (store)potion to give you bonus motes when running the event, and left the entry cost for the event at 0.

I rememebr when the purpose of 'events' was a company giving back to the player base... now its just another form of content, its not free to vips, premium cant 'own' it. Expecting us to pay per play is frankly disgusting. A shame this bitter note ruins an other wise excelent addition to the event calendar.

For what its worth, I did enjoy the races - so much that if you were to release a challenge pack featuring these kind of challenegs i would buy it, im just not willing to 'put a coin in the slot' every time i want to play.