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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmaduke View Post
    3 items? what are you talking about? Anyway, done. We can each insult one another on how to play a monk all night long.
    Im not insulting anyone im backing up my claims. You are quick to say that tharnes and stalker ring are superior gear choices while using unbalancing strike which also needs a vertigo 10 item which means a 3rd peice of equipment to make it land reliably.
    Now compare that to wearing avithoul ring with manslayer googles and you just gained back a free equipment slot, more dps from using better ki strikes in place of unbalancing strike, 1ap, 5 damage a swing & instant kills under 1k.

    When you can show any kind of proof that unbalancing strike is in anyway shape or form more useful/provides better dps or less incoming damage or more sneak attack dps feel free to post it, show it or record it and upload it. Otherwise stop providing false information for people who do not know better and are still learning the game as they read these kinds of posts and take them as gospel and go and do such things for a inferior result.
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    I don't see a lot of talk about the crystal cove gloves. What are peoples thoughts on the T3 Brawlers Gloves? I find myself using them often as I can never find anywhere else to slot GFL. I switch with pdk gloves (for healing amp situations) often.

    I'm currently doing something like:

    Goggles: Drow Smoke
    Head: Min II
    Neck / Ring 1: Shintao Set, sometimes Ninja Spy set (threat reduction) - both rings with Holy burst
    Trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess (STR 3)
    Cloak: Cloak of the Wolf
    Belt / Bracers: Sun-soul
    Gloves: T3 Epic Brawling Gloves (w/ GFL) / PDK
    Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow
    Ring 2: Dun'Robar (combat mastery +5) / Avithoul / ToD Shocking Burst / ToD 20% Healing Amp
    Robe: Spider-spun (WIS 3)

    Wraps: basically all of them, lol. Mostly using Antipode (w/ prowess) / Grave Wrappings / boss beaters

    I am basically looking at starting from scratch on a lot of it due to the new damage stacking in U17.
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