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    Default Glaciation return aka ingame money grab

    hi there everyone im a premium player from the orien server who has been playing for 6 years now and the leader of Exalted Deeds. So now to the fun.

    I read a forum post from feather of sun that the risia glaciation was removed from certain items after update 16. well i remember having one made for my sorcerer a +2 major ice lore scepter of spell pen 2 ( nothing fancy i know ) and lo and behold it did have the improved glaciation 9 removed from it. So i looked into it and found this posting..

    ( Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun Source
    A bug in Update 16 caused this item effect to delete itself from items. We've taken steps to ensure that a similar bug can't happen again.
    I've spoken to our In-Game Support team lead, and if you submit an In-Game Support help ticket, they should be able to provide a reimbursement package of Festival Glaciation recipes and the number of Motes of Winter required to fully upgrade an item to whichever Glaciation amount you would like to. You will be able to put Festival Glaciation back on your item when the Risia Ice Games return this winter. We apologize for the trouble this bug has caused, and hope that you'll enjoy what we have in store for the upcoming Winter events. )

    Well so i tried to put in a in-game help ticket to find that i just get a 404 error and i was unable to make a ticket.
    So i went to the next step and sent a message inquiring about this to the response from them was a lenghty e-mail stating i should put in a in-game support ticket.... so i responded by telling them that the in-game ticket does not work for me... thier response was this

    ( Thank you for your inquiry. The issue you have described cannot be resolved through To obtain assistance with your issue, please contact our In-Game Support team via the “New Ticket” button found on the bottom of the Help Menu panel within the game*. This button will be listed next to the FAQ and Report a Bug buttons.

    Upon receipt of your request, the In Game Support team will contact you through the in-game chat interface and provide further assistance for this issue.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please respond to this email, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you,

    The Turbine Customer Service Team

    * If this button is not listed then your account is not currently eligible for In Game assistance. You can obtain eligibility by becoming a VIP member or through the purchase of Turbine Points. Please note that if your current subscription plan is Free-to-Play, access to the In-Game Support team is limited. We recommend that you inquire with other players in the general chat channels and/or submit a Bug Report to our Quality Assurance department for review. Remember that bug reports do not receive a response unless additional information is required, and this is not an avenue for you to contact us for immediate assistance.

    Turbine, powered by our fans. )

    So i sent Another message explaining that the in-game does not work... and this time no response from them at all.

    So on to the next step after becoming more and more frustrated. Call the hotline which i have done many times before and i love the hotline people, as they are extremely friendly and helpfull. i explained the problem to the gentleman on the phone and i was informed that for me to get compensation for my risia that i worked/farmed alot of hours for i would have to put in a in-game ticket... so i explained that i cannot.

    i was informed that due to a change in the system after 6 years i was able to access the in-game ticket system was because i have not purchased turbine points in the last month and i was not VIP.

    So Let me get this straight.. in 6 years of playing i have been a VIP for 3 years or so, and then bought out my entire account to become a premium player and have spent still money on my account to keep it up to par with all the new content and bought the pre-release expansion pack with all the bells and whistles and im still not able to get back my risia Glaciation on my scepter ?

    To get from no Glaciation to Superior Glaciation IX would take 45 recipes and 11,585 Motes of Winter.

    I have alot of time and money invested in this game and the quality from the company has been going downhill lately but im expected to run out and buy points so that i can get back something i worked hours to make that they destroyed with the Lower quality they have been subjecting the players to and im told repeatedly that they cannot fix it untill i buy points...

    Who else finds this Horrible ? I know i do. hopefully this post is seen by a dev and hopefully things are made better. im sure im not the only person that this has happened to and it needs to be fixed.

    Thank you for your time

    Acora / Mardulac / Palsorn / Savantus / Tarril and my 16 other alts.
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