Hello, I am a bit new here and I was curious about a few situations I am seeing as a VIP.

1) How is it that I am paying for VIP to have all access to the game, yet I cannot access Eveningstar's content? I pay to have all access to all content. If this is the case, I can just easily pull my account and farm points to buy packs like everyone else does and play this game entirely free. I strongly feel it is unjust for me to pay more than new members (A six dollar difference) and I still have to buy content packs. If this is the case, all VIP is paying for is to open Elite quest at the start, and nothing else. That is not worth sixteen dollars a month.

2) I have sent in a ticket over a month ago about how I ordered a Sibery's Cake and it did not revive me. I was curious about how long will it take to refund the 195 points I spent on that Cake. Since I cannot get a response from Costumer Service, I was hoping someone here can give me an answer.

I apologize is this is in the wrong section or if this seems like a rant, as it is not. I am just trying to understand how things work here before I decide which action to take. Also I apologize if this has been posted before. I ran a search and I did not see any threads pertaining to this matter.