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    Default Best high level weapons to put ICY burst on?

    I have plenty of twink weapons from previous festivals.

    Now I am trying to decide what if anything I should put icy burst on for a level 20+ weapons. What effects should I look for? Are most constructs immune to cold? What about oozes? Are drow resistant to cold at all?

    any suggestions are helpful, thank you
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    My philosophy on weapons is to have crafted 2[w] burst <metal> of greater bane beaters for anything with dr. Tons of stuff have no dr, though, and for those I use lootgen.

    Ideally you can find all-purpose 2d6 or better prefixes and pair them with the untyped suffixes, namely bloodletting in its various forms. This kind of weapon could then be used for all non-dr trash mobs. Alternately, use this as a "neutrals" set than find a separate holy burst version for evil trash.

    2d6 Prefixes - general purpose
    Impellent (force)
    Coruscating (light)
    Shrieking (sonic)

    Untyped Suffixes
    Superior/Greater Bloodletting

    Mangling and mauling are meta-suffixes that typically include some combination of bloodletting and bleed. The bleed part of these isn't general purpose since it doesn't hurt undead and plants, but it's often a huge boost (2d8 or 3d8 per swing) so it's hard to pass up if you find it. Unlike the bleed effect, bloodletting hits everything, even the training dummy.

    Note that bloodletting is uber for 18-20x2 weapons, solid for khopeshes, but meh for anything with a smaller crit profile. So if you swing greataxes, maybe something like detonation might be better.

    EDIT: For easy comparison, assuming improved critical here's what superior bloodletter/heartseeker/ribcracker (slashing/puncturing/bludgeon weapons respectively) adds based on the weapon's crit profile:

    18-20x2: 13.65 per swing
    19-20x3: 11.7
    19-20x2: 9.1
    20x4: 7.15
    20x3: 5.85

    The top tier mangling suffix is superior bloodletter + lacerating (3d8 bleed effect), while lower tier versions (called mauling) may have something like greater bloodletter + hemoraghing (2d8 bleed effect), which is still incredibly nice.

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    As EllisDee said, depends on the weapon you use.

    For highcrit (scimi, falchion) Bloodletting/Mauling/Mangling are one of the best
    Obscenity is even harder to get but better for EE

    For other i would look for Desert Sands of suns fury or so.
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    you can also put kits on house c challenge weps

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    so funny thing it let me put a burst kit on my lvl 16 t1 bow of earth but not my epic t2 rapier of air.

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    I like to burst my "of the sun" and "of the sun's fury" weapons to get that nice extra damage number. I have a +4 holy heavy mace of the sun's fury and a +2 Coruscating bardstard Sword of the Sun with festival icy burst. The sword does acid, light, fire, and now ice damage, which is kind of neat. Thats just a general-purpose beat-stick, though, I have a whole raft of more specialized weapons.

    I'm actually contemplating carrying a stack of Elemental Weapons scrolls just to throw on 1d6 more!

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