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    I just ran into this. I know this thread is old, but it's also the most comprehensive on the topic.

    Here's my question: Do we know whether the bug is "great cleave sometimes procs offhand attacks, but it shouldn't" or "great cleave sometimes fails to proc offhand attacks, but it should"?

    Because Cleave doesn't seem to proc offhand attacks for anyone, and it would totally make sense for the PBAoE power not to proc offhand attacks at all; it's there to spam massive amounts of damage, not to proc extra attacks on anyone. We can't appeal to the pen & paper rules, since Cleave in DDO is nothing like those.
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    Default bump -- for my buddy seebs

    bump -- for my buddy seebs

    Plus would be good info to know for all of us so! Cheers! :P! ! Sign this!!!:

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