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    Default Favor and Veteran Status for new characters

    This account is premium, It was my original when the game first started in 2006. I lef tthe game in late 2007. I started back about a year ago, called and had my original software key registered. All my original characters came back. My highest is level 12 ranger/cleric, he has 1402 favor. (had this from before) on Sarlona server.

    When I try to create a new character on sarlona it starts at level 1 and I thought with that much favor I would have option to start at level 4?

    do I have to reearn that much favor to get that option again?

    thank you,
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    I believe you will only be required to earn one more favour
    point on that character to earn server unlock of vet status.
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    Default Still no veteran status?

    I had purchased the Syndicate Quest line, I ran dirty laundry on normal and elite with my Ranger Trang, he has gained frmo 1402 favor to 1406. I went back and tried to create a new character for the 5th slot, and still comes up as level 1.

    Any Ideas?
    Long Live the Fighters!!!
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    talk to the drow in the harbor the 1 with the quest icon
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