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    Default The Origins of D&D/RPGs and more...

    Hi! I found a youtube channel (GrognardGames) that is doing reviews of the original game of D&D as well as doing interviews with many of the original designers (including those that were there with Gygax and Arneson at the beginning). The channel just posted its first video, and will be doing comprehensive reviews on the original game, as well as other popular RPG titles.

    I hope that this is within the forum guidelines, as I'd like to share the link to the channel with you all, since this has to do with the origins of our hobby.


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    Check out this link.

    Looks like Rpg was around way before Gygax and Arneson!
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    Default Interview with Robert Kuntz (D&D legend)

    To all those that truly love the game, Dungeons & Dragons, and want to see a living legend, I suggest you please take the time to watch this video:

    Want to know what it was like back in the day when D&D was just a thought, and was being play-tested for the first time, then this video is a must see! This video is a history lesson for anyone who watches it, and will turn many preconceived notions of the origins of the game on its head. So, please watch and enjoy!

    There will be more in this video interview series with Robert Kuntz, so stay tuned.

    Thank you!

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