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    Default New Races

    This is the completely hilarious, yet workable, way to implement some of the most wanted races out there.

    1. Kobold
    General Information:
    Reptilian, claim to be descendants of dragons.
    Probably the funniest creature in Eberron.
    Known for remarks like "Kobold not afraid of dark, Kobold can close eyes" and "Kobold always hate you. Kobold remember waterworks" that make most people laugh their ass off.
    Usually found in the Stormreach Sewers, Mines, and Driftwood Mire.
    Favorite activity: Always hating you.
    Favorite object: SHINYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Line of Work: being stupid, mining, and generally knuckling under the larger races.

    Base Stats:
    STR: 6
    DEX: 10
    CON: 8
    INT: 8
    WIS: 8
    CHA: 10

    Why -2 to STR ? Because they are weak.
    Why +2 to CHA and DEX? Because they are quick, agile, and are generally witch-doctors or shamans that like to spam spells.

    Other Pluses/Minuses:
    +4 to Jump
    +2 to Spot
    -2 to Intimidate
    -2 to Listen
    Immune to Natural Diseases and Poisons
    +1 Size bonus to AC and attack rolls.

    Racial Enhancements:
    *Uses standard AP costs unless otherwise noted.*

    Improved (Skill) I-IV ML:1,4,8,12
    Grants a +1/2/3/4 bonus to the (Skill) skill.

    Kobold Weak Fighting I-IV ML:2,6,10,14
    Activate this ability to cause your melee attacks to generate 10/15/20/25% less hate, making enemies less likely to attack you.

    Kobold Dexterity I-II ML:3,8
    Grants a +1/2 to Dexterity score.

    Racial Toughness I ML:3
    Grants +10 hit points.

    Kobold Improved Eating I-IV ML:1,4,8,12
    *AP cost: I=1, II=2, III=3, IV=4*
    Grants a +2/4/6/8 to saves against magical diseases and poisons. At rank 2, Kobolds do not automatically fail their save on a roll of 1.

    Kobold Jumping I-IV ML:1,3,6,9
    Grants a +1/2/3/4 to Jump skill. Stacks with Improved Jump.

    Kobold Improved Recovery I-III ML: 1,5,9
    Grants a 10/20/30% to Healing Amplification.

    Kobold Sprint Boost I-IV ML:1,4,7,10
    Grants a 35/40/45/50% to run speed for 30 seconds.

    Kobold Hated Attack I ML: 6
    When attacking a hated enemy, you receive a +1 bonus to attack.

    Kobold Hated Damage I ML: 1
    When attacking a hated enemy, you receive a +1 bonus on damage rolls.

    Kobold Hated Resistance I ML: 2
    When making a saving throw against a spell or effect from a hated enemy, you receive a +1 bonus on saving throws.

    Kobold Hated Defense I ML: 1
    When attacked by a hated enemy, you receive a +1 bonus on Armor Class.

    Kobold Guile I-III ML: 3,7,11
    You gain +2/4/6 to your sneak attack damage and +1/2/3 to bluff.

    Kobold Paragon I ML: 6, requires: improved eating I, racial toughness I, Improved Recovery II

    You have defied the stereotype for Kobolds. You are now a Paragon Kobold, one of the most venerated types of kobolds. All of kobold kind looks up to you.
    You may have your armor look like armor worn by Paragon Kobold Warriors or Shamans in Enter the Kobold.

    If you are a spell-casting class, you may make a lvl 1,2, or 3 spell your favored spell. Your favored spell has -30% cooldown, and -30% mana cost. Lightning bolt, Hold person, and Magic missile have -50% cooldown, and -80% mana cost.

    If you are a melee class, you may enter a kobold rage. Kobold rage grants +2 STR, CON and DEX. +1 to AC.

    If you are a ranged class, you gain the feat "Conjure grenade." This feat allows you to conjure and throw +1 returning flaming grenade of least usefulness. When you die, 5 of these grenades will explode around you in a 1 foot radius.

    Kobold Untouchability I ML: 12 requires: improved jump III
    Active: Spend 10 hp to send yourself flying upward, onto normally unreachable places. (Mirrors Abundant Step, except going upwards instead of forwards.)

    More races to come. Feel free to comment, and suggest ways to add more flavor from current implementations of these races.
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