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    Default Airship lag is unbearable

    og, this stinks
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    It does seem to be centered on the boat, switched to another toon not on the boat and had no lag issues.
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    About a day or two ago, the airship was my salvation from lag. I used to run to it when lagging to get a moments peice. Hearing that its caught the lag diease though, ive got no idea where to run to (khyber sounds like the in thing lately??).

    I'm writing this as i reset my client to try solve the lag issue of my character stuck in house p jittering side to side when the party is expecting me to guide them through cursed crypt.

    If i was gambler, my plat would be on another server reset happening within the next day, but who knows. Good luck to all, may you make your reflex save to avoid the lag.

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    Red face

    I had some terrible lag in house P, was like moving 1 step at a time for like 5 minutes. Then when i stopped it seem to move me backwards LOL. Lag monsters need to be hunted down and killed!!

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    I think the biggest issue is that our server is the first one the majority of new players go for. Needless to say that can be a lot of traffic at times. Particularly the weekend. I signed in last night just to check my mail (and logged in next to the mailbox, mind you) and it took me almost 15 minutes to open and detach items from two letters.

    And now you tell me my big blue boat has also caught this wretched plague. Sad day.
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    haven't had any major lasting lag issues.
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