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    Smile lucky loot gem part 2

    Ok folks heres the thread I originally wanted to start and now I'm able to, thanks to all the help from the awesome ddo community.

    Above are two links i posted so i could show what I got when i ran a Devil's Assault on EH. I was with 5 hires all gold cause i got the points

    to be able also (astral diamonds and shards from them to purchase gold seal) lol. Anyways not a bad pull at all. In the other chest i got

    regular run of the mill vendor trash, lg arrowhead, 2 tokens, a major mnemonic , and a large shrapnel. Needless to say im very happy,

    and that quest always gives great rewards and nice chest loot. I personally think loot gems make all the difference, so stock up folks Epic

    Gianthold is coming by all indications and I certainly intend to grab everything I can lol. A big Thank you once again to all who helped on

    my last post. GOOD LUCK and GOOD LOOTING.
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    don't want to rain on your parade but I don't think the loot gem had anything to do with it astral diamonds and xp pots can drop regardless of loot lev on the chest I believe they are handled differently in the loot table.

    still though congrats was a good pull
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