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    Default The Immortal Saints of Eire ~ Orien

    The Immortal Saints of Eire is an older, North American guild who has come under new leadership and is looking to grow and expand. Our goal is to have 20 regular to part-time players, and to be able to field regular raid groups, as desired, without PUG's, though we do not intend to evolve into a raid heavy guild.

    We are a laid back guild that prefers to have fun as much a good solid run. We prefer smart asses over dumb asses, dark ale of light, old Bond over new (ok, so this is currently in debate, with a few female hold outs) and we don't touch the Trek vs Wars debate. Our members are VIP and over 21 with voice. So if kicking back with a brew and hanging with new friends in the spirit of the old PnP days sounds like your cup of tea, contacts us at:


    Allies welcome.


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    Default Interested

    Just applied over at your site. lvl 10 Cleric, 1st time player (PnP player since the mid-80s). Glad to find a cool guild on Orien, I'm getting really tired of PUGs.

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    Uhm... What's a PUG?

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